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Ted, Marie, and Dennis


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It’s The Scoop

It’s the fastest, most durable, dustless litter scoop in the world! Cat care professionals around the world prefer our new scoop to any others in the market.

It’s the last scoop you’ll ever need, and it’s guaranteed!

Recently Funded for $37,720 on Kickstarter. Visit the campaign page HERE.

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It’s The Scoop is $20 with FREE shipping!


*Please note that we are currently fulfilling Kickstarter orders first, and new orders will be shipped out in approx 6-8 weeks.



The ultimate litter additive that makes any litter clumping, odorless, and dust-free!

website remedy website remedy in boxes

 LitteRemedy is sold in 25-pound boxes for $40, not including shipping

To order LitteRemedy, please contact Marie at (608) 606-1370 or marie.kkat@gmail.com 


E-Z Out Cat Carrier

Introducing the world’s first sliding cat carrier! We hold the patent and are currently seeking a manufacturer or partner to get this great new product made!

Please leave us a note in the form below if you would like to be added to the update list for the E-Z Out Cat Carrier. Thank you!


To order our products directly while our website is being updated:

Scoops: Visit our sister website here: TABBYTOWNUSA.ORG

LitteRemedy: Contact Marie at (608) 606-1370 or marie.kkat@gmail.com

24 thoughts on “Welcome to K-Kat Innovative Pet Products!

  1. Yes please, I’d like to be kept updated on your new design of carrier. I’ll be one of the first to purchase. This carrier is long over due & I have no doubt will replace all the conventional carriers for cats and small dogs/puppies.

  2. Hi,
    I would like to be added to the update list for the E-Z Out Carrier. It looks like it could be a very cat-friendly carrier! I own a feline-only veterinary clinic so I see and use all kinds of cat carriers — most of them seem to be designed by someone who has never met a cat or needed to get a cat in or out of a carrier. :) For most carriers we take the top off and examine the cat in the bottom of the carrier if the cat is very nervous. Taking the top off of most carriers makes a lot of noise, though, which cats do not appreciate. Sliding is a great idea!

  3. It was a great pleasure to meet the three of you at the I & E meeting.

    I think your have a real winner with both your scoop idea and bottom slide out cat carrying crate.

    In addition to learning a great deal from your Kickstarter presentation I met several individuals interested in Box Latch. You menitoned that you travel to several cat events. The Box Latch may work well for you to close and reopen boxes as it is for several business that attend such events.

    Once again thanks for sharing your Kickstart experience with the group.

  4. Received the scoop and damn I should gone in for two. Anyway keep me posted on the new type of crate. Thank you for all the good you do.

  5. I got my scoop today and I like others wish I’d ordered more than one. I cleaned out the two litter boxes I have in half the time as usual!! When can I tell my local Mudbay pet supply to order some of these scoops??

  6. I LOVE this scooper. We still had the plastic ones around and the other day I grabbed it instead and OMG I’ll never go back. They take so long for the litter to sift through and with your product it doesn’t even factor in. Then there is the strength! Its great. I can dig in there and get the waste out so fast and Im moving onto my next task. I never thought I’d get a pooper scooper as a gift for anyone but Im going to for my family members with cats b/c its that good. Thank you!

  7. Please keep me on the update list for the sliding cat carrier. Very innovative and much safer for those nervous cats.

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