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Dennis Glover

Dennis returned home from humanitarian work in Africa to join his parents and turn K-KAT into a real family business. His parents’ talent for envisioning and developing new pet products, combined with his business acumen and skills, makes the K-KAT team a game-changing force.

He has worked with the Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement (AYM) for over 12 years, including 5 years on location in Sierra Leone, building a program to create youth employment.

Dennis is a cat lover himself, and is thrilled to bring K-KAT’s innovative pet products to the rest of the world.

Marie Glover

Marie Glover is our cat guru. She and her husband Ted live in their two-story, remodeled farmhouse and cat rescue, Tabby Town [Website]. Marie is the founder and Executive Director of Tabby Town [Facebook], which is nonprofit, no-kill cat shelter that houses 50 to 80 cats at any given time.

Marie and Ted develop and test new inventions firsthand, continually looking for new ways to improve and simplify cat care. Their combined vision and ingenuity drives them to share their great ideas with the world.

Ted Glover

K-KAT President Ted Glover lives in a two-story remodeled farmhouse and cat rescue, Tabby Town USA, with his wife Marie, the Mayor & Executive Director of Tabby Town. Tabby Town is a non profit, no-kill cat shelter that houses 50 to 80 cats at any given time.

Living in a cat rescue with Mayor Marie, the cat expert, has led Ted to design and build innovative pet products – everything from overhead suspended runways to exterior cat habitats and useful items for cat care.

With a background in art and construction, Ted looks at new inventions as simple problem-solving. His solutions are the products we share with the world.

About us

K-KAT LLC is a family owned company, specializing in innovative pet products focusing primarily on cats. We approach inventing as problem solving. Our background and living situation make us uniquely qualified for this role.
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Hello K-Kat Visitors! Thanks for stopping by!! K-Kat is all about developing creative solutions to common problems in pet ownership, and sharing them with the world. We hope you love our products and that they improve your life with your pets!