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Hello K-Kat Visitors!

Hello K-Kat Visitors! Thanks for stopping by!! K-Kat is all aboutĀ developingĀ creative solutions to common problems in pet ownership, and sharing them with the world. We hope you love our products and that they improve your life with your pets!

Kickstarter Campaign Complete!

THANK YOU to all of our wonderful Kickstarter Backers, who helped us raise $37,720 in one month for our It’s THE Scoop campaign! We raised 377% of our goal, which allowed us to place our first large order of scoops with our manufacturer.

All of the Kickstarter rewards have been delivered, and THE SCOOP is now in stock and available for purchase, shipping daily! Happy Scooping!!

New Site is Live!

Welcome to our new website! You can now Order Our Products quickly and easily through our online store!

It’s The Scoop has achieved great success on Kickstarter and continues to be sought out by cat owners looking for a better tool for their litter boxes. It will speed up your scooping, reduce the dust, and make your life easier. Finally, the scoop you always wanted, and it’s strong enough to last a lifetime!

If you experience continual odors or excessive dust with your litter box, you should useĀ LitteRemedy, the litter additive that will solve your litter problems. LitteRemedy absorbs the all of the dust, making it much healthier for both you and your cat, who may inhale harmful dust when digging in your litter. It makes litter clump hard around urine and feces, keeping your litter box clean indefinitely.

We now offer a 5-pound Sample Size of LitteRemedy for those who would like to try it first!