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LitteRemedy, The Ultimate Litter Additive

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LitteRemedy is the Absolute Cure for the Litterbox ~ It starts working the very first time your kitty uses the box!

  • ~ There will be NO DUST when you scoop
  • ~ The litter will become SCOOPABLE, even if you mix it with non-clumping clay
  • ~ LitteRemedy will REMOVE ALL URINE SMELL!
  • ~ You won’t need to empty the litterbox. As the litter gets low, just add to it ~ really!
  • ~ No need to use litterbox liners
  • ~ LitteRemedy is biodegradable and 100% guaranteed!

LitteRemedy is currently:  In Stock

Order a 25-Pound Box      for $34.99

Order a 5-Pound Sample for $14.99

*Prices do not include shipping (from Wisconsin). Available to US addresses only.

For wholesale pricing, please CONTACT US.

LitteRemedy In Stock

Mixing Instructions

1. Start with a clean litter box

2. Mix together 2 scoops of your litter with 1 scoop of LitteRemedy

3. Fill the litter box to a depth of at least 3″

4. Clean litter box daily or as needed. When the litter gets low, just add more litter mixture.

LitteRemedy Mixing Instructions, Final

How LitteRemedy, The Ultimate Litter Additive, actually works

It Absorbs The Dust. The particles that make up LitteRemedy are slightly moist, which allows the additive to attract and absorb all of the dust in other litters. When mixed in a 2-to-1 ratio of litter to additive, it will absorb every last speck of dust and leave you with a completely dust-free mixture.

It Absorbs The Odors. When warm urine drops into litter containing the LitteRemedy additive, a waxy layer on the particles is melted and a mild surfactant is activated. This breaks down most of the smelly particles immediately. When the waste clump cools, the wax hardens, and the remaining odors are encapsulated in the solid clump that is easy to scoop out in one piece.

It Makes Your Litter Super-Clumping. The combination of almost any litter with LitteRemedy creates a new litter mixture that is easy to manage and keep clean. The dried clumps are hard and will not break up easily when you scoop, so you aren’t leaving smaller waste particles behind and your litter box stays clean.

It Saves Litter. Using LitteRemedy actually saves you money by extending the life of your litter and making it so you never have to throw the whole box of litter away. The solid clumps of waste are easy to remove, and the remaining litter is left just as clean as when you poured it in. When your litter level falls below 3 inches deep, make sure to just add more mixture. To clean the litter box itself, you don’t need to throw away all of the litter. You can just pour out the litter into a temporary container, clean and dry your litter box, then add your litter back in.

 litteremedy filling up the box

LitteRemedy is currently:  In Stock

Order a 25-Pound Box      for $34.99

Order a 5-Pound Sample for $14.99

*Prices do not include shipping (from Wisconsin). Available to US addresses only.

For wholesale pricing, please CONTACT US.

Frequently Asked Questions about LitteRemedy

Please contact us if you have other questions about LitteRemedy that are not answered here. Thank you!

What is LitteRemedy made out of?

The main ingredient in LitteRemedy is #1 Semolina, the stuff they use to make delicious pizza dough. #1 Semolina has no dust, since it is the very center of the seed itself. The outer layers of the wheat grains are ground off to make flour, and what is left is the heart of the wheat kernel, #1 Semolina. We mix in a couple more special ingredients and a mist of water and voila! LitteRemedy is created!

Where is it made?

LitteRemedy is made in America, on-site at K-Kat Innovations in rural Wisconsin. All of the ingredients in LitteRemedy are also produced and sourced in America.

What sizes are available for purchase?

We currently have 25-pound boxes available and also 5-pound sample sizes. The 5-pound sample size, when mixed in with your litter, is enough to fill one large litter box so you and your cat can give it a test run! We ship from Wisconsin, to U.S. Addresses only.

How exactly do I mix LitteRemedy with my litter?

We recommend using a separate storage bin (or plastic tote) with a lid to make and store your mixture. Using any sized measuring container, add in your mix with a ratio of two scoops of your litter to one scoop of LitteRemedy, until your bin is around half-full. Mix it together thoroughly until there is no more dust. Add the mix to your litter boxes as needed to maintain a minimum depth of 3 inches at all times.

Will my cat like using it?

Yes! LitteRemedy is softer than most litters, so adding it to your litter makes it a much easier for your cat to stand comfortably on and dig around in. We have not seen or heard of any cats who stopped using their litter box after LitteRemedy was added. Most importantly, your cat will no longer have to breathe in harmful dust and allergens that are raised from common litters.

What should I do if my litter box starts getting dusty again?

In certain conditions, especially in very low humidity or if your litter has been sitting uncovered for several weeks, it may dry out, in which case dust may re-emerge. If this happens, the LitteRemedy has lost its moisture and needs to be reactivated. The simplest solution is to use a spray bottle to lightly spray 5-10 mists of water into your mixture while stirring it, until all of the dust has disappeared. This will return your litter mixture to normal.

How long will one box last?

It varies by breed, diet, and litter box habits, but typically one 25-pound box of LitteRemedy will last six months in a home with one cat and one litter box. If you have two cats and two litter boxes, one box will last around 3 months.

Will it save me money?

Upgrading to your new litter mixture is similar to making other long-term, cost-saving investments like solar panels or low-wattage light bulbs. There is an initial cost to start the new system, but over time you will be wasting much less litter and your overall litter cost will go down. With LitteRemedy in your litter mix, the clumps of waste stay solid and are easily removed without leaving smaller fragments behind. Your litter stays clean and you don’t have to completely throw the whole box of litter away, just adding more as needed. You should begin realizing the overall litter cost savings within the first few months.

How often do I need to completely change my litter box?

With LitteRemedy mixed in, you should never need to completely throw away all of the litter and start over. The hard clumps stay intact when scooping, so your litter stays clean. We recommend that you clean and sanitize your litter box itself at least every week. When doing this, just pour the remaining litter into a temporary container, clean and dry your litter box, then pour the litter back in.

Does LitteRemedy work with all types of litter?

LitteRemedy works great with any granulated litter. However, it does not work very well with pellet-based or silica bead litters.

Why are there some pea-sized clumps of LitteRemedy in my bag?

Those small clumps are in every batch of LitteRemedy. We call them PowerBalls, as they are small pockets of concentrated mix. They act as a sort of time-release mechanism, breaking down over time the more you stir your mixture, ensuring that the LitteRemedy stays effective continuously.

Is LitteRemedy the same thing as the former Litter Mate additive?

Yes, the founders and creators of LitterMate, Ted and Bonnie Kiepke, retired from making LitterMate, and passed on the original recipe and setup to us. They told us that since their retirement, another company had been taking orders under the LitterMate name but not fulfilling them, so we decided to dissociate from the LitterMate name and call it LitteRemedy.