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LitteRemedy – 25-Pounds (US Only)

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Sorry, LitteRemedy is currently OUT OF STOCK!

LitteRemedy is the Ultimate Litter Additive that makes your litter clumping, scoopable, dustless, and odor-free!

Order today and start living a cleaner life with your cats!

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Out of stock


Sorry, LitteRemedy is currently OUT OF STOCK!

How LitteRemedy, The Ultimate Litter Additive, actually works

It Absorbs The Dust. The particles that make up LitteRemedy are slightly moist, which allows the additive to attract and absorb all of the dust in other litters. When mixed in a 2-to-1 ratio of litter to additive, it will absorb every last speck of dust and leave you with a completely dust-free mixture.

It Absorbs The Odors. When warm urine drops into litter containing the LitteRemedy additive, a waxy layer on the particles is melted and a mild surfactant is activated. This breaks down most of the smelly particles immediately. When the waste clump cools, the wax hardens, and the remaining odors are encapsulated in the solid clump that is easy to scoop out in one piece.

It Makes Your Litter Super-Clumping. The combination of almost any litter with LitteRemedy creates a new litter mixture that is easy to manage and keep clean. The dried clumps are hard and will not break up easily when you scoop, so you aren’t leaving smaller waste particles behind and your litter box stays clean.

It Saves Litter. Using LitteRemedy actually saves you money by extending the life of your litter and making it so you never have to throw the whole box of litter away. The solid clumps of waste are easy to remove, and the remaining litter is left just as clean as when you poured it in. When your litter level falls below 3 inches deep, make sure to just add more mixture. To clean the litter box itself, you don’t need to throw away all of the litter. You can just pour out the litter into a temporary container, clean and dry your litter box, then add your litter back in.

Please visit the LitteRemedy Page for FAQs and More Info!

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in