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K-KAT LLC is a family owned company, specializing in innovative pet products focusing primarily on cats. We approach inventing as problem solving. Our background and living situation make us uniquely qualified for this role.

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K-KAT president Ted Glover lives in a two story remodeled farmhouse and cat rescue, Tabby Town USA Inc., with his wife Marie, the Mayor & Executive Director of Tabby Town. TT USA is a non profit, no-kill cat shelter that houses 50 to 80 cats at any given time.

Living in a cat rescue with Mayor Marie, the cat expert, has led Ted to design and build innovative pet products – everything from overhead suspended runways to exterior cat habitats and useful items for cat care.

Son Dennis, who lived in Sierra Leone for over 5 years volunteering for the Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement, joined K-KAT in 2013 as CFO. His business degree from UW-Madison and many talents help us bring great cat products to the world.