The Buddabed

"Everybody knows that cats love boxes, but this is the first box specifically designed for your cat!"

We at K-Kat understand cats better than most. Our cat rescue Tabby Town has taken in over 6,000 cats in the past 20 years! We develop products and test them out with hundreds of cats of all ages and backgrounds before we finalize our concepts and designs. The Buddabeds are never empty!


We have found that most cat beds are soft and fluffy, very expensive, and don’t even meet your cat’s needs. Cats spend over 60% of their lives sleeping. Why not get them a bed they’ll love?

Cats prefer a firm, rounded shape cradling them into place, a key feature of the Buddabed. They also love the hard edge along the top to rub their cheeks on and posture up for a bath.

Cats love to be warm! And since The Buddabed is made from 100% recycled cardboard, it naturally reflects your cat’s bodyheat!


1. Curved, gradual sides make it the ideal shape for cats

2. The firmness of the cardboard provides gentle, positive support

3. The hard, upper edge is perfect for cheek rubs and bathing postures

4. The bottom has 3 layers of cardboard for extra cushioning

5. Cardboard reflects cats’ body heat, is naturally insulating, and they love it!

6. Insulating airspace inside the Buddabed produces maximum core warmth

7. Affordable, environmentally-friendly 100% recycled cardboard and recyclable again

8. Stores flat and is easily assembled when you need it

9. Three fun designs to choose from, and small messes easily wipe clean

We are also offering additional discounts for CAT RESCUES! Contact us for pricing!


"I think the new beds are a hit! Very popular at my house!"
-Tracy S

"Rocco absolutely loves his Buddabed by K-Kat!! And the design is so pretty!!"
-Julie Y

"My babies LOVE them!!!!"
– Heather A

"This is different and exciting. The cats seem to like it!"
-Steven M

"Our 2 semi blind/deaf puppies are having the time of their lives with the Buddabeds. My puppies luv them!
  – Stacy H

"My husband brought home two Buddabeds the SAME DAY I bought a $40+ cushion bed for the same said cats. They’ve not yet sat in my over-priced purchase, and LOVE their Buddabeds. I have a love-hate relationship with this product, but in all good nature and I do plan to purchase more!"
-Ashley B

"OMG. So cute. My cats love them."
– Annie F

"I think it would be an ideal option for shelters and vets - it is a very storable and disposable product → environmentally friendly"
– Mary W

"I liked the ease of assembly and design scheme"
– Christa D

"You’re clearly onto something. Cat beds aren’t cheap. Sometimes they get ruined and there’s a lot of upkeep, washing etc. These are small and the curved inside must comfort the cats."
– Jenny V

"Cute and easy to set up!"
– Connie B

"Mr Boots has pretty much abandoned his other napping spots!"
– Carly M

"My cats were laying in the Buddabeds as soon as I put them together."
– Skip C

"I didn’t think my cat would use it but she’s in it all the time now!!"
– Marsha L

"Mine love their Buddabeds too!!!"
– Carol S

"These were great looking and easy to put together."
– Pete B


Will my cat like it?

Not every cat will prefer the Buddabed, but most will enjoy it once they try it out a few times. Make sure to take note of where your cat typically likes napping, usually up off the floor, and place the Buddabed near there for best results. Pet your cat and encourage them to try laying down inside. A little catnip may help to get them in there too!

Will my jumbo cat fit inside it?

We have some extra-large cats who love the Buddabeds! They do spill out over the edges a little bit like a muffin top, but cats like to be cradled into place and they somehow make it seem comfy!

Is the Buddabed easy to clean?

Yes! For simple messes you can use any disinfectant wipe or moist paper towel.

Is it recyclable?

Yes, it is made from 100% recycled cardboard and is fully recyclable again (and again)!

Where are the Buddabeds being made?

They are being made right in the USA, in Wisconsin. Buddabed is currently Patent Pending.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We offer worldwide shipping. Note that due to its size, a single Buddabed is rather expensive to ship out of the US, but the price goes down significantly when you order more.

How does ordering from K-Kat help cats?

We are a family-owned company that also runs Tabby Town USA, a cat rescue in western Wisconsin that has rescued over 6,000 cats over the past 20 years! A portion of all sales goes directly to helping rescue more kitties and find them their forever homes.